Website Design & Development

We don’t just design websites, we develop solutions. Our websites are developed to achieve goals, your goals. So whether you want to generate leads, sells products, or just create a great representation of your brand, we will develop that solution.

Innovative Websites for Any Industry

Automarketed will design a website specifically for your goals. So whether its a site to sell items, to launch a new product or service, to provide general information, or to generate leads and anything in between, we will develop it to be great.


Sell products or services online and do all the work for you. We develop full function e-commerce sites with shopping carts, payment, verification and notification functionality. 

We can also interface with 3rd party e-commerce applications, because we all know, their websites aren’t very appealing.

Lead Generation

For situations where the purchasing process requires greater interaction, we will develop a website that persuades visitors to convert into leads. That conversion can be done in a variety of ways, including forms, phone call, chat or email.

Once converted, we can add automation to nurture and qualify that lead. Helping close the sale and gain the client.

Launch or Promotion

Generate interest and excitement for your new product, service or business. Promote a special event or rare opportunity with a website that’s full of energy and highly appealing.

We’ve got you covered, we can even promote for you, driving visitors to the site. Making sure you take off with a big bang.

The AutoMarketed™ Difference


Strategically Designed

  • Structured to Lead Visitors to Conversion or Purchase
  • Designed to Influence Behavior and Trigger Actions

Built for Your Brand

  • Exemplify your brand perception
  • Provide a favorable experience
  • Professional presentation

Advanced Functionality

  • Tracking with Analytical Reporting
  • Latest Features and Functions
  • Integrate with 3rd Party Tools and Applications

Websites That Make Things Happen

We design websites to do much more than provide information, our websites achieve goals. Goals like generating leads, selling products or services, or creating a great perception of your brand.

Reporting and analytics are available to provide actual performance data. We can customize the reporting to focus on the data that matters most, KPI’s. Making it easy for decision makers to see what they need.

Our Process is Designed to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Your involved in the site development process, ensuring that you get the website you want the first time around.

Years of experience have enabled us to develop a custom process for developing your ideal website. We develop in phases, working closely with you during each phase. We don’t like surprises, at least not for our clients.

Client Interview

We interview you and gain a deep understanding of your wants and needs.


What logos, colors, text, images, and videos do you want on your site?

Design Strategy

We implement proven strategies and tactics that trigger behaviors and lead visitors to an action.


A wireframe is a simple layout sketch of the pages on the site. It provides a visual framework to guide the design.


Now that we have everything we need, we will start developing the site. Exactly like we planned it.


Once we’ve got final approve, we will launch your new site for the world to see.

Every website we develop

Strategically Triggers Behaviors

.Behaviors can be influenced by design. We know the strategies and tactics to influence behaviors and heavily increase the probability of a visitor making a desired action

Non Proprietary

We develop every website on a non-proprietary platform. What that means to you is, you are not forced to come to us for changes, additions etc. Any web designer can access and manage the site with your permission.

Optimized for mobile devices and various browsers

We design your website to be as great on tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices, as it is on computers.

Speaking of computers, your site will work with the leading browsers like Chrome®, Edge®, Firefox® and Apple’s Mac Safari® browser.

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