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If you ever wished for more help, your wish just came true. Our marketing automation solutions do the work for you. We develop solutions that can post on Social Media, send email, chat with visitors, qualify leads and much more.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of technology to perform various marketing functions. It enables  organizations to streamline and measure marketing activites, so they can operate efficiently and grow  faster.


Marketing Can Be Overwhelming,

You Have Powerful Help.

Website Automation

Empower your website with the ability to present content based on the user and their activities.

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Empower your website to interact with visitors, present custom content based on their activities on the site. Examples of website automation include,

  • A/B Testing
  • Display/don't display specific content
  • Automate form appearance
  • Send Notifications

and more.

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Social Media Posting

Who has time to post regularly and on multiple platforms. You don't need to with post automation.

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We can set up tools that will automate posting on social media. These tools can

Post to several social platforms - Create your post in the tool and then let it post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. 

Schedule posts - Create posts and schedule when and where they will post. So instead logging into platforms daily and posting. Plan for a week or a month in advance, schedule it on the system and forget about it.

SMS / Text Messaging

Send text messages for notifications, instant responses, reminders, promotions or just to say hello.

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Sometimes an email just won't suffice, that's not a problem. We can setup automated SMS text messaging to notify your customers instantly.

Common applications of automated text messaging include,

  • Notification of urgent info, like a bill due or changes to an account
  • Awareness such as "Daily lunch specials"
  • Advanced notice like a reminder of an appointment

and many others. We will customize the messaging to your business and its needs.

Lead Nurturing & Qualification

Provide leads with the info they need and measure their  interest, letting you know when to contact them.

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If your product or service has a non-impulsive purchasing cycle, you need to nurture leads. We can set up automated nurturing solutions, examples include:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Custom Content
  • Call Reminders

and more.

We can also implement lead qualification tools that use various factors to score the prospect and provide a gauge the level of interest. Scoring factors include,

  • Title
  • Organization
  • Pages Visited
  • Emails Read
  • Content Downloaded

and others. We will customize the scoring to your business.


Chat Automation

Chat with your visitors, even when you're not their with a ChatBot. Capture information and follow up later.

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We live in an instant world, people expect answers right away. Luckily we can setup a chatbot on your website that will automate the discussion. The trick to the success of these is how they are setup, we've mastered that trick, don't worry.

Chatbots are also great for capturing visitor information, allowing you to get back to them. If you have the resources, we can even set up live chat to kick in when people are available, and go to chatbot when they are not.

Email Automation

Let your clients know you're on it with emails that respond to requests, share useful info, send notifications automatically.

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The most common automation is email. Email automation is very cost effective and accepted as a mainstreem tool.

We will setup your email automation for you, and can even implement campaigns that continue to respond based on activities completed.

Common examples of email automation include,

  • Auto-Responders
  • Verification
  • Notification
  • Promotions
  • Thank You
  • Delivery of requested materials
  • Confirmation

and many, many more.

Notice : We do not send spam emails

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