Brand development

It All Begins With a Brand

The brand is the identity of a business or a product, that’s where marketing begins.  It takes more than a name and a logo to make a great brand. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We will develop your brand to be memorable and create the optimal perception, attracting the type of clients you want. 

Our Formula for Developing a Great Brand


Value Proposition

Statement that defines the brand position and its values.


 Connect with your customers. Even in a digital world, buyers want to know the people involved.

The Experience

Great brands like Nordstrom®, Amazon® & Apple® provide consistentcy in every interaction.


What people say about your brand, has great impact on the perception of your brand.

What We Do



Brand strategy is one of the most important factors in a businesses success. The strategy should be formulated to achieve the right perception and clearly convey the brand value. It focuses on target markets and brand values. Automarketed will develop that best strategy for your brand.



Once we have developed the best strategy for your brand, we begin implementing it to develop your brand. We can develop every aspect of the brand from Slogan to the Brand Experience. We even offer solutions for brand reputation management.  That’s what we mean when we say a comprehensive solution.



Don’t just sit there, now that you have a great brand let’s introduce it to the world. Okay, maybe not the whole world, rather your target markets. The people that would appreciate the value of your brand. We utilize various resources to promote your brand, including Social Media, Websites, eMail and Search Engines. Focusing on the targets to create efficiencies and optimize return.  

Digital Branding

Building a great brand in the digital world is different than the real world. Sure the core is the same (brand name, colors, design, etc.), but the encounter is completely different. Different in the following ways,

– Direct human interaction

– Source of information

– Volume of interaction

– Service Methods

All of these factor into how your brand is perceived and valued. Don’t worry we have years of experience addressing these and other branding challenges. 

91% of Consumers Prefer an Authentic Brand

73% of Consumers Love a Brand Because of Great Customer Service


Average American Encounters Between 6,000 to 10,000 Brands Every Day

Surprising Statistics


Extensive research has proven the importance and challenges of Branding.

We know the facts and will develop a brand to beat the odds.

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